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At digital development agency rb2, we relish challenges, whichever form they take. Over the years, we have proven ourselves in a number of specialisms. We are the expert in the field of e-commerce platforms, metasearch solutions, subscription models, loyalty solutions and replatforming, but we relish every single challenge that comes our way. Together with you, our teams work towards your ambition.

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Personal care products

The subscription economy is taking off and Philips is playing a full and leading role. The Philips e-commerce website has expanded with various types of subscriptions.

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A renewal of the website

Bruna asked rb2 for help with the development of the UX and visual design and the implementation of the CMS Sitecore and Mercury e-commerce.

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Realising commercial ambitions

Coffee brand Lavazza Nederland offers over 4,000 business customers a perfect overview of their range, pricing and order history with its new website.

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Thousands of sorts and type numbers

Most people do not buy ink every day, and it is often not an easy task. Inktonline makes buying ink cartridges a lot easier and cheaper.

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Blackhawk Network

Optimal enjoyment from a gift card

Blackhawk Network has a huge range of gift cards, such as BioscoopCadeau and RestaurantChoice.

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Club Staatsloterij

Increase customer loyalty

At Club Staatsloterij, you have a double chance of winning great prizes. You get points for every lottery ticket you buy,and you can use these points to win extra prizes.

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Nuon Exclusief

Redeem points for discount

Nuon Exclusief is a successful loyalty program that had already 400,000 members within one year. The longer you are a customer, the more points you receive monthly.

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