An overview of our partners

Software that takes our customers to a higher level

Do you like Lego then do you like commercetools. Every piece of e-commerce functionality (for example PIM, cart & order management, marketing and promotions, payments, and internationalization) is set up as a standalone service (microservice), which works together seamlessly thanks to more than 300 APIs. In this way, an omnichannel e-commerce platform can be put together for every company that meets unique specifications but remains fully flexible. commercetools are headless, so that frontend and backend operate separately and you can, therefore, exchange technologies or applications at any time.

If there is a new hip communication channel, you can add it without having to rebuild the backend. If you do not come up with the standard building blocks, additional microservices can be developed for even more distinctive character. We like to think along with you about this and then realize and implement it for you.

At SCAPE they help family businesses in retail, wholesale, or industry grow online. They are not a traditional e-commerce agency or a typical digital full-service agency. No, they like to do things differently. Deliberately operating in the triangle of Utrecht, Emmen, Maastricht. SCAPE creates added value by standing next to customers and doing pragmatic business together with them. They cut complexity down, chop it into pieces, turn it into small, feasible projects that are widely supported and successful.

This provides long-term value for the organization. They know very well what does and what does not work through acquired insights. This means that they sometimes turn left instead of following the usual path or sometimes rather wait than accelerate immediately.

Together with the customer, the specialists from SCAPE and rb2, as technical partners, translate customer issues into solutions.

Doornvogel has been a partner of rb2 from the very first moment. With the ultimate digital customer relationship, we ensure that organizations become more human; with personal attention and relevant extras for the customer. Together we make brands loyal to their customers. Doornvogel works on a combination of customer insight and creativity in which rb2 takes care of the technical side.

When realizing the ultimate digital customer relationship, Doornvogel focuses on emotional bonding instead of the rational aspect. This is expressed in personal attention and relevant extras for the customer; the right message at the right time and enough 'wow' moments to exceed customer expectations.

Examples of great collaborations: T-Mobile, Vattenfall and Staatsloterij

Want to implement a webshop quickly with an omnichannel shopping experience? Then in our view, Magento is a serious candidate. The commerce platform already has so much functionality as standard that customization on core functionality is not necessary. So starting e-commerce parties can handle it well. Even when they mature and may want to offer more complex functionality. Thanks to the open framework architecture, Magento is very suitable for connecting custom extensions. Several such extensions are available in the Magento Marketplace.

If this does not include what you need, we will be happy to tackle the issue, including development and implementation.

 Many companies want to benefit from the subscription economy if only to be ahead of the competition. The Dutch Subscription Factory has a lot of knowledge and experience with the subscription management platform of Zuora. In recent years, the company has supported various international companies in their journey to subscription services and since 2019 also regularly in collaboration with rb2.

One of our achievements together is the realization of a subscription module for Philips Lumia and Sonicare products. With different subscription types, it had to fit perfectly within the existing e-commerce platform, styled and fully integrated with the Salesforce environment and payment service provider. We like a challenge and the result is impressive.

For the technical realization of various e-commerce platforms, both large and small, we have gained a lot of experience with Virto Commerce in recent years. We are proud that we have most Virto Commerce implementations to our name in the Netherlands. We have already built dozens of our own rb2 modules on this platform. We have done this for our customers Blackhawk Network, Lavazza, Airmilesshop,, and Inktonline.

The Virto Commerce e-commerce platform is also open-source, allowing us to easily add or adapt modules based on the needs and wishes of customers. This makes it ideal for more technically complex custom projects, for which customers often knock on our door. In addition, Virto Commerce seamlessly links with Microsoft Azure and Elastic Search, among others. Technologies that more and more customers are choosing.