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Niels Slegt Digital Creative

Years ago I joined rb2 as a Mobile UI Designer. The ‘mobile market’ was in full development and the demand for apps and mobile websites was increasing. With great jobs for Toto, Corendon and Europarcs, we were able to fully utilize our potential; design and project management in the Netherlands and (app) development with colleagues in China. Apart from the mobile jobs, all-round (web) design jobs also belong to my activities at rb2. From the design of an e-commerce platform to poster and form corporate identity to wireframing, at rb2 every day there are plenty of opportunities to develop yourself and take the initiative.  

Nowadays I am a Digital Creative within rb2 and responsible for everything that has to do with UI and UX design; for projects, and internship supervision, but mainly within the marketing team. I formed this team together with my colleagues Jett, Kyle and Jeroen.

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