rb2 is founded from a hobby and the thought: we can do better

Richard Birksteiner, CTO


In 2005 I founded rb2 together with Rutger and Guoqi and in 2009 Dennis joined us. How it once started as a small-scale Dutch company with a few developers in China, it has grown into a huge company with 4 (!) offices in the Netherlands and Asia. The team grew bigger and stronger, as did the offices. And we are still growing: something that, as a co-founder, I am extremely proud of.  

I have always been interested in digital trends and developments. It originated at the age of eight behind my MSX home computer and has never left. From this interest I dived into the IT business and worked for various companies. rb2 has therefore started out from a huge hobby and the idea: we can do better. Because of my love for technical solutions, I also hold the CTO function within our company. I translate customer requirements into technical solutions and I coach the development teams where necessary.  

Besides hard working colleagues, we also love fun within rb2. A nice bar, social events and “in-depth” discussions at the lunch table ensure a close team. Because I believe that happy employees provide happy customers.

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