Working shoulder to shoulder with the whole team.

Individuals, but still together

75+ team member worldwide All working toward common goals

The team in Xiamen, China

This hypermodern office is the place where development takes place. Via Slack, Zoom, and Teams the daily stand-ups are held and longer-lasting refinement sessions are completed. Sometimes, 8 teams hold their stand-up at the same time and we love having a busy development setup because it’s a great motivator for the whole company.


The team in Viseu, Portugal

In addition to our trusted teams in China, we also chose an offshore team within the same time zone. Why Viseu? Mainly because a technical university is located in this old city so that we can connect with the best development talent there is. This way we can offer quality and scalability to rb2 so that we can continue giving our customers what they need.


The team in Lagos, Nigeria

The Nigeria office is located in Lagos. Just like our office in Portugal, we have again opted for an offshore team within the same time zone. Why Africa? We see that high-quality technical experts are available here, so we can maintain the quality that our customers expect from us.


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