As a family, helping each other

Because you can be who you really are!

100 rb2 colleagues worldwide brought together through great projects

Management team

Although sometimes it seems everything runs smoothly on its own, there is always a strong management team behind the scenes. They ensure that employees can achieve their potential, quality remains high and the best people work using the best techniques.

'rb2 started out as a much-loved hobby and based on the mindset that we can do it better.'


Delivery managers

Each project is managed by a Delivery Manager; the spider in the web between the development team on the one hand and the Product Owner on the other. Delivery Managers guarantee the quality of the product and work Agile end-to-end.


The marketing team makes sure that everyone is provided with interesting online content, and they also work hard offline. rb2 organises fantastic events that are planned and taken care of down to the last detail by the marketing team.


Managed in Holland, made in China' — that's how rb2 works. The project management happens in Purmerend, with the technical execution taking place in Xiamen and Wuhan. But let's not forget that there are also a number of smart techies in Purmerend.

Office Management

There is an office manager at all our offices who warmly welcomes all customers, facilitates meetings, keeps the administration up to date and ensures that everything is in perfect order at the office.

Quality assurance

rb2's QA developers ensure that our teams deliver the best software possible. QA developers write automated test scripts and ensure overall product quality. It's a boundary that they keep pushing.

Front-end developers

Our front-end colleagues provide slick visual web applications. They use the latest techniques and best practices from the countless projects they have completed. Besides the visual styling, they also have an eye for SEO and page speed.

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