We know how to make fun

During our winter sports trip and at the office


Our trips are unforgettable

Fortunately we still have the pictures

We love trips,

especially when there is food involved


Within rb2 we have a real food culture. For example, every Wednesday the Dutch office visits the local fishmonger and every Friday you can order a tasteful snack. Our colleagues in China have very different habits. Every month a new organizer steps out of each tribe to organize a dinner party; a so-called tribe dinner.


Friday snack day

Kick off your weekend with a delicious snack


Tribe diner

Enjoy a nice dinner with your tribe every month



A healthy fruit snack is available every Tuesday and Thursday


Birthday at work

Flags, congratulations and enjoy (homemade) cakes...

Work hard at the office,

and even harder during bootcamp


At rb2 we love dinners and drinks in the bar, but we also like to be active. Every Monday evening we have a bootcamp at our office in the Netherlands and occasionally we participate in competitions. Partners can always challenge us for a match of soccer. In our office in Xiamen (China) there is a yoga teacher every week for some relaxation at the end of a workday.


A place to continue learning

Broaden your knowledge with an education

We think it is important that we have the knowledge to serve our customers optimally. And we like to feed the desire for more knowledge from our team. Because of this we have a large training budget available that everyone who works at us can use. Not only our Delivery Managers, but all colleagues have mastered the Agile working method at rb2. Besides following training courses, we also regularly attend knowledge sessions and events. As a visitor but sometimes as a speaker. We like to act as a knowledge institute; see how we do this on our blog page.

Broaden your knowledge with an education A place to continue learning

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