We know what fun feels like,

at work or on the slopes


Trips with rb2 are unforgettable

Take a look for yourself

We love trips,

especially when there is food involved


There’s a real food culture at rb2. Every Wednesday our Dutch office hits up the local seafood joint for some fresh fish and there’s always snack day Friday to round the week off. Better still, we’ve got a fully stocked salad bar, so you can top your lunch up with a healthy option, and the colleagues often bring in home-cooked treats to share with the whole office.


Friday snack day

Kick off your weekend with some tasty treats



A big lunch with all your colleagues


Fruity Number

Fresh fruit every week


Birthdays are a big deal

Balloons, cakes, and congrats – all for a special day.


We never stop learning

Why not join us?

Our customers need people in the know. That’s why we always offer our people more opportunities to seek out knowledge and training. It’s not just our Delivery Managers who understand Agile – everyone here does. That’s because we put a decent budget behind development – and we always will.

Why not join us? We never stop learning

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