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rb2 has already created more than 10 platforms, giving us extensive experience in the area of marketing and technology. We have packaged all this knowledge into a loyalty platform: Loyalty Tools. Since 2014 the platform has been successfully deployed for various clients, in collaboration with marketing agency Doornvogel. The platform is suitable for millions of users and is now used by RET, T MobileNederlandse Loterij and Nuon

At r2b we understand that you want to serve your customers in a unique way. That's why the range of options is so vast. In one programme, customers save via the number of kilometres travelled and in another via the monthly invoice. This has also generated a great deal of knowledge and expertise in the difference forms of saving, with options for social rewards alongside traditional rewards. 

Loyalty Tools has all the necessary functionalities for a unique user experience, but when it comes to the implementation, that's up to you. Besides the most pioneering technology, much attention has also been given to workable processes and security protocols, including AVG. The platform was designed by Microsoft Azure, but has since been made suitable for other platforms. This guarantees an optimum experience for you and your users. 

A unique experience on every device

We are continually working on the optimization and ongoing development of the platform; this results in a platform that goes beyond the specific request. In the latest implementation, the platform was raised to a new level, with an extensive set of APIs, checkout links and a comprehensive CMS with important back office functions. Together with the wide range of dashboard functionalities, cloud-based architecture and the latest e-commerce applications, it is suitable for an omnichannel approach. With this, your users have a tailor-made experience, on every device. 

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Sander de Zwart

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