Increase customer loyalty Extra points for loyal customers

At Club Staatsloterij, you have a double chance of winning great prizes. You get points for every lottery ticket you buy, and you can use these points to win extra prizes. Four new prizes are published each month. So don't put your state lottery ticket out with the recycling, because it might bring you even more fun!


Get more from your state lottery ticket

Double the chance of winning prizes

Tools & technology

jQuery, KnockoutJS
.NET 4.5, Azure SQL, Redis
C#, Javascript
Atlassian Bamboo
Microsoft Azure
Tools & methodology
Atlassian Suite, NewRelic

Our challenge

Each month, four prizes are published for which participants can bet points and immediately see if they have won. You can also buy a lottery ticket for the monthly super prize, and the winners are chosen by a notary. The functionalities must therefore be 100% secure, reliable and controllable to avoid too many or too few prizes being won. Scalability is also essential: a peak during the allocation of points for the New Year's Eve lottery must be taken into account.

The result

By using Microsoft Azure, the platform is extremely scalable. There are now over 400,000 active users, who have together participated 8.5 million times. The monthly super prize is especially popular: as customers have a say about which prizes should be given away in the future.

Our approach

rb2 provided the technical development of the loyalty programme and marketing communication agency Doornvogel came up with the concept. The platform was custom-made in Loyalty Tools with additional e-commerce features, a win mechanism and a barcode scanning feature. In the shop, all state lottery tickets are given a barcode. In the app that has been developed, you can scan the state lottery ticket and if the app user is also a Club Staatsloterij participant, the points are automatically added.

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