A renewal of the website Personalisation and plenty of marketing opportunities

Bruna asked rb2 for help with the development of the UX and visual design and the implementation of the CMS Sitecore and Mercury e-commerce. A scrum team made up of employees from Shared Stories Group and rb2 has been formed for this purpose. 

In addition to replacing store automation, the process of updating the Bruna website also began in 2018. The website was last updated in 2014. 


Improving the customer experience

With Sitecore Experience Platform

Tools & technologies

.NET Framework 4.7, .NET Core, Azure SQL Database, Azure Redis, Solr
C#, JavaScript
Azure DevOps
Microsoft Azure
Tools & methodology
Selenium NightWatch
Sitecore CMS, Sitecore Commerce, Atlassian Suite, NightWatch & Cucumber & Docker for E2E test
Scaled scrum

Our challenge

After an extensive package selection, in June 2018 Bruna decided to develop the new website based on the user-friendly CMS Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) in combination with the e-commerce solution Sitecore Experience Commerce (XC). The omni-channel and many personalisation and marketing options offered by Sitecore are being rolled out quickly through Mercury e-commerce front-end. 

Alongside implementing Sitecore, using Mercury e-commerce is proving a challenge. This 'accelerator' consists of ready-made front-end components, which we adapt and expand for Bruna. We held a number of workshops in order to assess Bruna's wishes and align them with Mercury, show the options for personalisation, promotions and content items and create a backlog setup. Using the information gathered in the workshops, the Bruna Product Owner made a start on creating epics and user stories which are picked up by the scrum team. 

The result

The development team was made up of three back-end and two front-end developers from Shared Stories Group, as well as an rb2 technical lead and two rb2 Sitecore developers. They worked together at the SSG office in Amsterdam. From our office in Wuhan, three Sitecore developers and a QA employee worked with us. They were part of the same development team. Next to the development team, a designer from Aviva worked on the UX and visual design. 

With this setup, we worked on the project in fortnightly sprints, and after eleven sprints the new website went live. Of course, by this stage, there were still items in the backlog and a smaller team worked through a number of sprints in order to implement the 'less important' functionalities as well. 

The result is a single platform which, by combining content and e-commerce, provides omni-channel shopping experiences, where the right customer is interested in the right range, has relevant offers and can view his or her buying history, including downloadable e-books. 

Our approach

rb2 has been involved from the initial planning stage right up to the launch of the new website, organising a number of workshops at the start, deploying developers from the Netherlands and China and partially taking on the role of Scrum Master. Working together with developers from Shared Stories Group from the very first sprint guaranteed the transfer and further development.

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