Thousands of sorts and type numbers Quickly find the right ink cartridge

Most people do not buy ink every day, and it is often not an easy task. Inktonline makes buying ink cartridges a lot easier and cheaper. Inktonline stands out for the fact that you can search products not only by complex type numbers and codes, but also by symbols. Bas Ebbeling, owner of Inktonline, asked rb2 to build a nice webshop. For this rb2 has used ecommerce platform Virto Commerce for the realization of a comparison function.


Quickly and easily order ink online

For a low price

Tools & technology

Angular liquid Saas
ASP.NET, MS-SQL, Virto Commerce
VisualStudio Team services
Microsoft Azure
Tools & methodology
Atlassian Suite
Scaled Scrum

Our challenge

How do you ensure that users aren't fixated on ink from original brands? To avoid surprises, people often choose the original brand that goes with their printer just to be safe. How can we guarantee quality and ensure that people save money? 

The result

Inktonline offers an own-brand product of equal quality for almost every original product. If the original version has an own-brand equivalent, we will show this directly on the product page.

The user immediately sees the differences and advantages of the own-brand product compared with the original product. The end result is a nice scalable webshop, built with the latest technology.


Our approach

The customer's request was as follows: design and develop a sleek ink cartridge and toner webshop in which our brand identity is clearly recognisable and our customers can search easily. Initially, our digital creative came up with a beautiful design. Our cross-functional Scrum team of five developers then worked tirelessly on the technical aspect and built a beautiful, user-friendly webshop.

To achieve the comprehensive comparison function technically, rb2 used the open-source Virto Commerce e-commerce platform. We have developed and implemented this custom-made function in the Inktonline webshop. In this way, the differences between the private label and original product are immediately and clearly displayed.

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Obviously we work with a suitable, extensive team on this project, but when you want to know more details, you should definitely contact: 

Sander de Zwart

Delivery Manager

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