Meeting each other all over the world The right location, wherever you are

Booking meeting rooms online and managing those bookings. Meetingselect introduced this in 2007, together with rb2, and it is now one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. Meetingselect makes globally searching for and booking meeting and event locations efficient and transparent. Meetingselect does this using technology developed by rb2.


Easily book locations

Meetings rooms quickly reserved

Tools & technologies

.NET 4.5, Elasticsearch, MSSQL
C#, JavaScript
VisualStudio Team services
Microsoft Azure
Tools & methodology
Atlassian Suite
Kanban cycles

Our challenge

Meetingselect approached rb2 in 2007 with the request to realize a platform for booking online meeting rooms. An extensive meeting management system had to be built with which PAs and secretaries could book a meeting room quickly and easily and which gave companies immediate insight into meeting costs and available locations. For this, the data had to be completely accurate and quickly available. In addition, the platform had to be suitable for scaling up and expanding at an international level.

The result

At the moment, there are approximately 500,000 meeting rooms that can be booked with over 100,000 providers. These providers vary from hotel chains and conference centres to unique locations such as castles, museums, meeting farms, country houses, golf clubs, design studios and ships. It is a huge platform that has been running smoothly for all kinds of users for years now. 

The Meetingselect technology automates and supports the procurement process: from planning, budgeting, purchasing and visibility to measuring the results.

Our approach

rb2 has helped Meetingselect build the largest online meeting location search and booking tool from scratch. The rb2 team has been working on the application for over ten years now. The unique booking system is linked to a management information system that allows companies to easily view the costs of the meetings and events. In addition, the Meetingselect system makes it easier to comply with internal travel and meeting guidelines. 

The strength of the collaboration between Meetingselect and rb2 is that we use the latest technologies combined with insights from Meetingselect's personal, customer-oriented service. Besides constantly updating the platform with the latest technology, we also work together with Meetingselect on great components with partners such as the Dutch government, the Tax and Customs Administration and major Dutch banks. The Meetingselect application has a public API that is used by technology partners and travel agencies and is integrated with Google Places and WhatsApp. 

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