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de Bijenkorf, the most inspiring, surprising and creative department store, where everyone is special. Where you can walk in at any time, but where, as a privilege member, you can also book an appointment for one of the many personal services that de Bijenkorf offers. Services that include personal make-up advice, styling advice, a masterclass or an event. Or, especially now during this covid period, a scheduled shopping appointment, so that every privilege member knows that the store will not be too busy, and that they can shop in a safe and familiar environment. The custom-made solution that makes all this possible was built by rb2, in close cooperation with de Bijenkorf.


The most inspiring, surprising,

and creative department store

Tools & technologies

Javascript, Typscript
Google Build
Google Cloud
Tools & methodology
Scrum 2 week cyclus

Our challenge

The challenge that de Bijenkorf faced was that, due to the diversity of the services with various follow-up actions within those services, there was no off-the-shelf solution available on the market. This made custom-made development the only logical route. Our challenge was to create an application that not only works for the customer in a very 'skinny' and efficient manner, but also enables de Bijenkorf's administrators and customer managers to (securely) manage all store information, services, appointments and member information. In short: how do you combine so many aspects and so much information within a single application, through which the customer can navigate with a maximum of eight clicks?

The result

Following extensive refinement sessions, all unique business rules were indexed, leading to a customized architecture / application, based on a far-reaching front-end integration within the core components of de Bijenkorf. There is a special function for the Cronofy component, and hosting takes place on a GCP hosting environment. Integrated with each other thanks to custom-made software solutions of rb2. All store, service, appointment and customer information from different departments can be viewed in the app. In addition, all settings in the back-end panel are clearly arranged, grouped and structured, and are intuitive. That makes setting up services child's play. And even more important: the user experience of the privilege member at the front end is very efficient. The application also features extensive integration with de Bijenkorf checkout flows.

Our approach

Our Agile working method has proven itself again in this process, in several phases of the project. In this respect, we certainly should also compliment the Agile Mindset of the Product Owner and the Business Owners at de Bijenkorf. The starting point was an extensive refinement in which, in cooperation with de Bijenkorf, an MVP was identified. The project started with the idea of going live with the services "Personal Styling" and "Make-up services". Overtaken by the reality of COVID-19, the entire backlog was re-prioritized halfway through, and it was decided to use the existing (solid) architecture for "Shopping by Appointment". This service is now available for the customer. Work then resumed on the original intended services. Sprint plans, refinements and reviews are scheduled within the rhythm of fortnightly sprint timeboxes.

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