Customized plastic and rubber A solution for every situation

EKI offers B2B customers technical solutions in rubber and foam that perfectly suit their specific needs. EKI processes rubber and foam into the desired forms for industry, construction and wholesalers. Because they, as a manufacturer, manage the entire production, EKI is able to offer fully customized solutions. Because EKI is a specialist in this field, their products find their way throughout Europe.


Configure materials

In every conceivable form

Tools & technologies

Vue.js 2.6, Prismic CMS
.NET Core 3.1 / Node.js 12
C# 8.0, TypeScript 3.7
GitHub Actions
Microsoft Azure
Tools & methodology
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GitHub Flow, required pull request review on Protected Branches Scrum

Our challenge

EKI is incredibly good at creating customized products. But how do you translate the wishes of a B2B customer, who is often enormously unique and specific, into an actual order? How do you ensure that customers can directly configure and order their desired product without the help of an employee? Together with EKI, rb2 has started developing a product configurator. A module in which B2B customers can enter every conceivable dimension of a product. Finished configuring? Then the product can be ordered immediately.

The result

rb2 has developed a product configurator that is incredibly easy to use at the front, while high-speed calculations are made at the back. A series of smart algorithms provides the user with a price calculation almost immediately. The solution is scalable and re-usable, for example for use in the hardware store or on the tablet of a sales agent.

Our approach

Together with EKI, rb2 has defined a Product Backlog for a first MVP. We drew complex calculations on our whiteboard in a few refinement sessions, and then validated them with the stakeholders from EKI. After a first spike we started working. Sprint for sprint, in close contact with the Product Owner of EKI. By keeping the feedback loop so short, we were able to adjust quickly in order to compile the ideal MVP.

 Because the bottom line here is price calculations, the (automated) testing of the application is extremely important. That is the rb2 standard anyway, but just a bit more important here.

Do you want to know more about this case?

Obviously we work with a suitable, extensive team on this project, but when you want to know more details, you should definitely contact:

Zhihui Zhang (GK)

Technical Lead

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