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The name 'GoBear' originates from the company's motto, 'go bare or go home'. It's a funny way of explaining that GoBear disrupts the financial sector by allowing consumers to compare financial products and insurance in one click. Since 2015, GoBear has expanded to six countries in Asia, with its headquarters in Singapore. GoBear will continue to expand across Asia in the years to come.


Compare and select quickly and easily

The Asian insurance challenge!

Tools & technologies

Vue.js, Node.js, Drupal
.NET core, Azure SQL, Azure Cosmos DB, Redis, Azure event hub
C#, PHP, JavaScript
Atlassian Bamboo
Microsoft Azure, Docker (kubernetes)
Tools & methodology
Selenium NightWatch
Atlassian Suite, Browser Stack, SonarQube
Scaled scrum

Our challenge

How do you ensure that consumers can quickly, easily and reliably compare hundreds of financial products and insurance policies,when the platform has to make complex calculations and the data has to be 100% accurate? How do you ensure that the enormous amounts of data are displayed quickly and smoothly? How do you ensure that multiple Scrum teams work on a Product Backlog and that the functionalities and improvements are scalable and immediately available for multiple countries?

The result

GoBear has advised over 15 million users and processes 2 million monthly visitors to the website. They have compared over 2,700 prices and products in six financial categories (travel, car and health insurance, credit cards and personal and mortgage loans). 

  • In 2016, GoBear topped the ThinkwithGoogle list of comparison sites in the APAC region. 
  • In 2017, GoBear Thailand received the prestigious Best Startup Award from the NTCC. 
  • In 2018, GoBear received the Winsemius Award for Services Industry, Dutch Chamber of Commerce, Singapore
  • In 2019, GoBear proclaimed the Best Financial Products Comparison Brand 2018 – Asia, Global Brands

Our approach

For GoBear, rb2 provides full development and technical support in every phase of the development process. 

  • In the exploration phase, we facilitated cross-functional Scrum teams that work seamlessly together with GoBear for consultancy and development including product design, development and continuous product improvement. 
  • In the current expansion phase, we ensure that the architecture and tech stack remain up to date so that the development process continues to be extremely scalable and the Scrum teams' productivity continues to increase, enabling GoBear to build a strong presence in Asia. 

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