Building a relationship Give loyal members a little extra

T-Mobile customers save points, which they can spend in the T-Mobile Extra Shop. This online shop is full of great products and discount cards. You can also save for call credit or discount on your invoice. T-Mobile asked marketing communication agency Doornvogel to develop a loyalty programme, while rb2 provided the technology. And it was a success: the application processes large numbers of orders and awards points to over 70,000 members each day.


Save points for a discount

Shop in the T-mobile Extra Shop

Tools & technologies

RESTful web api only (no front-end)
ASP.NET core, Azure SQL Database & Cosmos DB
VisualStudio Team services
Microsoft Azure, Azure Fabric Services
Tools & methodology
Visual Studio Unit Testing Framework
Atlassian Suite, Microsoft TFS
Scrum (in a SAFe organization)

Our challenge

One of our challenges was to link the APIs in the Azure environment to the extremely well protected T-Mobile network. It must also be extremely scalable, from just a few to large numbers of active members placing orders at the same time or checking their points balance when they open the T-Mobile app. T-Mobile had 7 years' worth of data and it was our job to transfer this error-free. In addition, each customer's points balance had to remain the same during migration.

The result

Over 1.2 million members are now using the platform and the number of users is set to increase even further over the coming year. Due to the extreme scalability, the platform runs without any problems .T-Mobile Extra offers an optimal customer experience through both the physical stores and the webshop, customer service and the app. There is an extensive webshop with a shopping basket and additional charge, a link to the cash registers in the shops and an extensive environment for T-Mobile customer service.

Our approach

T-Mobile Extra was one of the first customers for which rb2 was able to implement a loyalty webshop in 2010. The webshop and the T-Mobile points application were replaced in 2017, and since then T-Mobile Extra has been running entirely through Loyalty Tools APIs: one of the three ways of integrating the loyalty programme. In implementing T-Mobile Extra, our Scrum team worked closely with the T-Mobile Scrum teams, partly on site.

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