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At rb2 we have extensive experience with the technical realization of all kinds of e-commerce platforms for leading clients. We work with innovative and scalable technologies that ensure that the platform is ready to realize all your e-commerce ambitions. To be able to apply these kinds of technologies, we often use the trusted e-commerce platforms commercetools and BigCommerce.

Partnership with commercetools and BigCommerce

We have a strategic e-commerce partnership with commercetools and BigCommerce:

With commercetools, an omnichannel ecommerce platform can be put together for any company that has unique requirements, and it still remains completely flexible. commercetools is headless, which means that the frontend and backend operate independently of each other and you can swap technologies or applications at any time.

If there is a popular new communication channel, you can add it in without also having to reconfigure the backend. If you’re not satisfied with the standard building blocks, additional microservices can be developed for even more unique applications. Whatever you can imagine, we’re confident we can help build it.

BigCommerce and rb2 complement each other very well. It’s an open, flexible e-commerce SaaS platform from BigCommerce that perfectly combines with the strategic and technical development power of rb2. The SaaS solution fits seamlessly into the tech stack of e-commerce, subscription, and loyalty platforms that rb2 builds for customers.

Together with this global SaaS provider, we are committed to minimizing complexity and maximizing flexibility. In addition, we believe in an approach where the MACH architecture, headless, and API first are central to everything we build. Just look at some of what we’ve already created.

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Jeroen van Mierle, Commercial Director