Powerful development teams
Making offshore work as onshore

We are… Extremely scalable

Our offshore development teams in Europe, Africa and Asia make us extremely scalable. Do you have a lack of available and/or qualified developers? We often hear it: the persistent claim of part of the Agile community that keeps claiming that an offshore development team can never really function properly. There would always be a transparency and efficiency loss. We understand this claim, of course, but we think we can prove the contrary and know from experience that an offshore development team can function very effectively and transparently. There are certainly additional challenges that need to be overcome, but we have excellent solutions for these with years of experience.

Making it feel offshore as onshore

The most important points at a glance:

  • A Tech Lead and a Delivery Manager on the floor every day. These experienced people work closely with you and integrate into your team and with your Product Owner. Besides they have years of experience with their development teams in Europe and Asia that they know from oats to barley.
  • A dedicated team to continue to perfect (iterate) the collaboration. Little to no changes within teams because a new customer arrives. Just a team that every sprint has more knowledge of the Product Owner, your domain, and the cooperation.
  • A Scrum coach who connects at management level. The Scrum coach looks at a project from a bird's eye view. It is someone who watches, coaches, and opens an extra feedback loop.
  • An IT director who connects at the architecture level. Just like the Scrum coach, the IT director views a project and team from a bird's eye view. It is someone who is tech-governing the project, with which the team can technically spar at a higher level and who opens a feedback loop.

To be fair, building an (offshore) team of developers presents you with the necessary challenges. Nevertheless, these challenges can be overcome with a good approach. You lay the foundation by hiring developers who are reliable and qualified. Our (offshore) teams include junior developers as well as medior and senior developers, but we also offer tech leads and analysts.

You can overcome the lack of available or qualified developers by working with on-site development teams, also known as offshore teams. The development teams in Europe and Asia are always supported by a Scrum Master (delivery manager) and Tech Lead in the Netherlands. They are the link between customer and developer and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

“Would you like to know more about how you can deploy powerful development teams to make a project successful?”
Mark van der Ploeg, Operations Director