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“rb2 is a technical development agency that translates customer issues into technical solutions and also develops and integrates them. With more than 90 professionals worldwide, rb2 is able to put together multidisciplinary and scalable customer teams. rb2 is a trusted implementation partner for Greenfield developments and e-commerce loyalty and subscription platforms.”

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Extreme scalable Extreme scalable

We have offshore development teams in Europe and Asia. This makes us extremely scalable and we always have developers available if customers request it.

Expertise Expertise

A lot of expertise The basis of every development team consists of motivated, experienced, and qualified professionals who have the ambition to improve themselves and at the same time deliver the best within every project.

Short time-to-market Short time-to-market

A product or service can simply only pay off when it is on the market. Every delayed day is a missed sales opportunity. You can beat your competition, earn back costs faster, and extend the life of your product or service.