Pien Faijdherbe, Marketing

4 februari, 2019


rb2 is affiliated with

Dutch Digital Agencies


rb2 is affiliated with Dutch Digital Agencies

rb2 has been an official member of Dutch Digital Agencies (DDA) since February. As a branch association, DDA unites the leading digital agencies in the Netherlands.

Dennis van Marle, managing partner of rb2: "We are proud to be part of Dutch Digital Agencies. The most important reason to become a member is the knowledge and experience within DDA. In our growth we have the need to spar with industry peers on various topics, the network is very suitable for that."

About Dutch Digital Agencies

Dutch Digital Agencies (DDA) has been standing for its members since 2002, leading digital agencies in the Netherlands and is working as a branch association and knowledge platform in this growing industry. DDA actively promotes the creative and innovative capacity of the digital industry and the interaction between the more than 140 affiliated agencies.