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August 9, 2019


Meet our Tech team

Technical strength from the Netherlands


Meet our technological team

The project management within rb2 takes place in Purmerend and the technical implementation in Xiamen and Wuhan. However, we also have a number of smart techies working in Purmerend that we would like to introduce to you, namely our IT Director Roelof Blom, Tech Leads Zhangpeng Chen and GK Zhang and Front-end Developer Julie Rumiantseva.

Roelof Blom has only been working at rb2 for a short time, but has been operating at the cutting edge of technology, marketing and data for years. In his position as IT Director, he is responsible for stimulating innovation and expanding rb2’s Tech team in the Netherlands. “My position as IT Director within rb2 is versatile. For example, I focus on making complex choices between promising new technologies and less relevant for rb2. In addition, I also continuously look at how we can facilitate and expand our high performance teams, at both our Dutch and foreign locations, to guarantee the right mix of skills and expertise.”

Zhangpeng Chen has been working at rb2 as a Tech Lead for many years, first at our office in Xiamen (China) and for more than five years at our office in Purmerend. He has been in charge of technical projects such as Cheaptickets, Blackhawk Network, Bookchoice and Bruna. And he is currently in charge of the Meetingselect project. “Meetingselect offers an online booking tool for booking meeting rooms. We are currently working on adding a new tool to this platform that makes booking meeting rooms even easier and faster.”

GK Zhang has been working for rb2 since 2011 and since two years permanently at the office in the Netherlands. He once started as a Backend Developer and then immersed himself in the world of mobile development. “At the moment I mainly focus on front-end development and I also dive into the world of machine learning and UI design. As a Tech Lead I am responsible for mentoring and providing general design guidance and I put work into the foundation and early stages of a platform’s development. I have done this for projects like GoBear, 40Beats and our own rb2 website.”

Julie Rumiantseva has worked in marketing for years, but in 2016 she decided to change course completely and started working as a Front-end Developer. In her role as a Front-end Developer within rb2, she works on various projects. “I enjoy creating platforms and can spend hours, days or even weeks learning new functions and features. At rb2 I work on cool projects for Meetingselect and our own website.”

Do you want to know more about our Dutch tech team or do you want to read blogs created by this team? Then visit their personal pages.

Join this team as a Tech Lead - Full Stack Engineer!

We are looking for someone to join our tech team in the Netherlands as a Tech Lead - Full Stack Engineer. Interested? View the vacancy here.

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