Pien Faijdherbe, Marketing

July 11, 2019


Meet our marketing team

The drive of our strategy


Meet our marketing team

At the start of 2018, rb2 set up a marketing team and appointed Pien Faijdherbe as Marketing Manager, Niels Slegt as Digital Creative, Wessel Bruines as Visual Designer, Nena Speets as Copywriter and Rosanne Jonk as responsible for Planning and Administration.

Pien Faijdherbe worked as a COO for the subsidiary Starteenwinkel for 8 years at rb2. In 2018, CEO Dennis van Marle asked her to switch internally to rb2 as Marketing Manager. “I was very enthusiastic when I was asked to work as a Marketing Manager for rb2. In the past year I have organized several successful events together with the marketing team and many more will follow in the coming year. My focus is on organizing events and sharing relevant content via the website and social media, whereby we will also increasingly make use of video content.”

Niels Slegt has been working at rb2 for 8 years as a Digital Creative and is responsible for the design of all marketing communications. In 2018, rb2 launched a new website: “We no longer wanted to profile ourselves as a company under the hood, but on the hood. The new design ensures that we can profile ourselves as a knowledge authority through the use of striking statements, our own photography and the use of many related content.”

Wessel Bruines works as a Visual Designer on own projects within the marketing team. “I am currently making sure that all communications are in line with the new design guidelines of rb2. This gives all our expressions a uniform appearance and we bring out the rb2 brand in a recognizable way.”

Nena Speets has been working at rb2 as a Copywriter since 2018 and takes care of all copy for marketing communications. “I am happy to produce blog articles, news items and other copy for rb2 and share them on social media. In addition, I launch campaigns in Google Adwords and I analyze data in Google Analytics to investigate how we can continue to optimize our content in order to profile ourselves as a knowledge authority. ”

Rosanne Jonk works as a support employee for subsidiary platform Starteenwinkel and is also responsible for the Planning and Administration within the marketing team. "Within the marketing team I am responsible for all administrative work and I focus on the planning for social media."

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