Pien Faijdherbe, Marketing

November 18, 2019


Co-founder Rutger Bakker leaves rb2

To make new dreams come true


Co-founder Rutger Bakker leaves rb2

After a period of 14 years, rb2 co-founder Rutger Bakker leaves the company to make new dreams come true.

Bakker himself says: “rb2 is a well-realized dream. Richard Birksteiner and I started this company together in 2005 and I am very proud of what we have achieved in 14 years. Every day we work on great technical challenges for our customers, but I noticed that I also needed new challenges myself. rb2 has been my first company, I am still young, and I think it is time for something new and now I am ready for it.”

It is still too early to elaborate on his new plans. After 14 years of hard work, Bakker will first enjoy his freedom and quietly get started with his new plans.

His former companions Richard Birksteiner and Dennis van Marle will still be active for rb2 and together with Mark van der Ploeg they form the management of the company. They will continue to give substance to the growth ambition and course of the company.

Birksteiner says: "It is strange if the partner with whom you start such an adventure says goodbye, but that is the way it is. Together we look back on a fantastic adventure and will probably meet each other very often. For now, we wish Rutger lots of success with his new adventures."

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