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rb2 introduces: the Integration Layer (IL)

Customers want the best user experience. Your digital e-commerce, loyalty and subscription platforms need to evolve constantly so you can keep delivering the speed, individualization and reliability that users need.

To achieve the best user experience and to give your business the best return and results, you need more than just implementing the best technology and most innovative applications. Set yourself up for success and leverage all your front- and back-end services using an integration layer. Allow your existing systems, tools and applications to communicate and take the growth of your business to a whole new level.

rb2 introduces:   the Integration Layer (IL)

Integration is the key to unlocking everything your tech stack can bring

Integration layers are the solution to make all your systems, tools and services work as one. Build these layers between your front-end and back-end applications and enable communication, setup policies and share data right from the start. Go beyond the API libraries that you get out-of-the box and design and implement the integration layer that will help your platform excel.


Integrate your [headless] front- and back-end systems with your key applications, tools and services like commercetools, Zuora, Contentful or Mollie. Connect them effectively and remove the need to replace existing solutions in your tech stack or to write new code every time one of your applications, policies or requirements change.


Using this architectural pattern, developers can build distributed, highly scalable, available, fault-tolerant, and extensible systems by using industry-standard frameworks and cloud platforms.


Build the right integration layer for your tech and services landscape. Never worry about adding new PIM, OMS, CMS, PSP and Search services due to possible compatibility issues. We design and develop the ‘glue’ that makes your services connect, communicate and work FOR you, not against you.

API (done right)

The ability for organizations to build a layer of APIs from third-party best vendors and applications built internally. By allowing all of the data and functionality to be accessed over a clean API layer, retailers, brands can then ‘compose’ rich immersive experiences on any device.

Your business is unique and so is your tech stack and the platform and services that you build. Regardless of the solutions and technologies that you run now and in the future, you want them to work together seamlessly. This raises a few questions:

  • Do our systems do exactly what we need them to do? Why do they need to talk to each other?
  • We selected very specific technologies in our landscape, so connecting them to other systems might not be possible. Can this be solved?
  • To connect our front-end to our back-end, we use the standard APIs that came with our CMS, PSP, OMS and PIM solution. Isn’t that sufficient?
  • How do I determine if our platform underperforms because systems don’t work together?
  • I am afraid that our older solutions will not be able to communicate and share data and policies with our new services. How can I overcome this?
  • Connecting systems sounds great. But what are the key business benefits for our specific tech landscape?
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