Powerful development teams in China making offshore work like onshore


A Scrum Master and Tech Lead here, bringing the development team in China very close together

We know it well: the endless lamentation of part of the Agile community that claims an offshore team can never be Agile. Nonsense, we say. And besides, the vast majority of software development across the world is carried out offshore. Yes, there are certainly additional challenges that need to be overcome, but we have excellent solutions for those challenges.

A mix of profiles in a development team

Motivated, high-quality professionals with ambition to improve themselves and at the same time deliver the best for each project form the basis of every development team. IT teams consist of a mix of profiles, which can together deliver an iteration/increment of a product. For us, it means that a development team consists of a mix of .NET developers, front-end developers, automation test developers and other development skill sets (database experts, architects, etc.).

In rb2, teams consist of three to nine professionals who are directed by a Team Lead. Teams often grow in size. When this happens, we switch to a scaled variant where the group is split into two teams with two Team Leads. The Team Lead will then assign three suitable professionals to form a new team. The existing team passes on the norms and values, culture, skills and experience on to the new team.

Onshoring mechanism

The development team in China is always supported by a Scrum Master and Tech Lead in the Netherlands. This way, we bridge the gap between the Netherlands and China. It is the (Scrum) experts here in the Netherlands, often based at the customer's office, who are able to bring the team very close together thanks to all their experience.

In addition, open communication, where you as a PO (customer) communicate with developers directly, is very normal here. The tooling that we use also ensures short lines of communication. This creates 100% transparency and provides an insight into what the team does, guided by a Scrum Master who knows their team inside out.

This way, an offshore team quickly feels like an onshore team.

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