Powerful development teams in China making offshore work like onshore


Bringing the Chinese development team much closer

We hear it a lot: the persistent claim of some in the Agile community who continue to argue that an offshore development team can never really function properly. There will always be a loss in efficiency and transparency. We understand this claim, of course: the in-house development team will always be the best option. But, that aside, we already know that an offshore development team can function effectively and transparently. Surely, there are additional challenges that need to be overcome, but with our years of experience, we have found excellent solutions for these.

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Allow offshore to feel like onshore

Here are the key points:

  • A Tech Lead and Delivery Manager on site every day. These seasoned employees closely collaborate with you and know how to integrate with your team and your Product Owner. They also have years of experience with their own development team in China who they know inside-out.
  • A dedicated team that never stops trying to perfect the collaboration. And don’t switch team members just because you have a new client. Use a team that acquires more knowledge of the Product Owner, your domain and the collaboration with every sprint.
  • A Scrum coach who connects at a management level. This Scrum coach views every project with an eagle eye. He oversees, coaches and opens an extra feedback loop.
  • An IT Director who connects at architectural level. Just like the Scrum coach, the IT Director sees the team and the project from a bird’s eye view. He can technically govern a team giving them a high-level sparring partner on technical aspects and an additional feedback loop.

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