Complex matters resolved
a technological and process-based vision

Working on our expertise for over 15 years

rb2 has more than 15 years of expertise. Knowledge that we use to develop the right solutions to customers' complex issues. And experience in the key areas where our customers want to grow: e-commerce, loyalty and subscription. 

We use that technical expertise to help you as a customer

  • to get to the heart of the specific wishes and the technical solution you need to achieve them
  • to find out where to start
  • to realize the right future-proof solution and determine your 'dot on the horizon'
  • to get clarity about the specialists you need to make it a success. If we do not have that expertise ourselves, we bring this in or refer you to the best specialist in that field.

Our goal: to focus on the wishes, ambition and goals of a customer and thus realize the most valuable digital platform.

"Would you like to know more about how our accumulated expertise can contribute to the organization and elaboration of your project?"

Mark van der Ploeg, COO

Precisely curated development teams

Each project is unique. That's why we handpick our development teams carefully, so that we can use the right specialists to get the job done. Irrespective of whether this involves renewing or extending an existing platform or a greenfield development project in which we build a completely new platform.

Custom teams
The development teams have various skills and specialties. Which specialisms and skills we need depends on the complexity and objective of your project. This could include specific requirements in the area of stakeholder management, market validation, technical integrations and pivots (during the development process). These are matters that make projects just that little bit more challenging and which we as a development team are happy to support you with.

Moving forward fast - in small steps
We develop Agile. We deliver pieces of working software in short cycles so that our customer and their user(s) can quickly assess a working solution. Based on new insights and data from real users, the course of the project can be continued or adjusted. And if it is necessary to speed up the development process, we can easily scale up by adding extra developers from our offshore offices in Portugal, China and Nigeria.

Our goal: to deploy a scalable, specialized development team for a short time-to-market for your project

"Would you like to know more about how you can deploy powerful development teams to make a project successful?"

Dennis van Marle, CEO

Guidance during the entire development process

rb2 not only assigns the right developers to your project. We also provide expert guidance. From our headquarters in the Netherlands, we supervise the entire development process: from getting a clear picture of the intended business goals and required solutions, to managing the development sprints and defining the post-launch roadmap.

The business consultants, architects, technical leads and delivery managers take care of answering your questions, short lines of communication and the translation to the developers. The team in the Netherlands supervises the talks between you and the developers across the border, so that nothing gets lost in translation.

Our goal: a development process in which it feels as if rb2 is part of your own organization. Clarity, transparency and short lines of communication are at the heart of this.

"Would you like to know more about our way of working and how we work alongside our customer instead of for the customer?"

Roelof Blom, IT Director

Work hard, play hard

From lunching together and celebrating a birthday to the annual tradition of our winter sports outing. It seems obvious, but we have made it our culture. We do a lot together and have a lot of fun.