3 successful steps

to build a future-proof loyalty platform

Advantages of Loyalty programs

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Companies use these programs to deepen the relationship with customers, to be able to meet other needs, and to take customer loyalty to a higher level. And loyal customers strengthen your competitive position, market share, and turnover.

In this whitepaper, we explain how you can build a solid, flexible, and future-proof platform in 3 steps. We zoom in on:

  • the integration of the loyalty platform with existing systems
  • the features and user stories that make your loyalty program distinctive
  • continuously improving and renewing the platform to continue to enrich the user experience by looking at data

In the role of technical developer, rb2 supports many customers in launching, setting up, and maintaining loyalty platforms; independently or with our strategic partner Doornvogel. We have done this for T-Mobile, Vattenfall, Club Staatsloterij, and Freebees.

the whitepaper