Overcome offshore development challenges 7 tips for an effective approach

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Addressing the challenges of offshore development in a goal-oriented manner

For many companies, distributed development teams are an essential part of business operations. Entrepreneurs often decide to take the plunge due to a lack of developers in their own country. Once they cross over, they face many challenges. 

In this white paper you will find answers to: 

  • In which way do you bridge language barriers?
  • How can you communicate with each other when working hours differ per location?
  • How do you create an environment of trust?

rb2 has been working with offshore development teams in China since 2005 - through Distributed Scrum - and has already overcome many challenges. We have listed the largest for you, including 7 useful tips. 

After reading this white paper you know what challenges you may encounter in offshore development and how you can overcome them. 

white paper