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Bookchoice offers subscriptions that allow members to download a selection of books each month as an e-book or audiobook for any device. Following the success in the Dutch market, Bookchoice has expanded into Spanish and English-speaking markets. rb2 has been the technical partner of Bookchoice from day 1when it launched as Elly's Choice.


The best stories

Unlimited reading for a small price

Tools & technologies

Vue.js, NodeJS
.NET Core, MS-SQL, MongoDB
Progamming Languages
C#, JavaScript
VisualStudio Team services
Servers & Hosting
Microsoft Azure
Tools & methodology
Quality Assurance
Atlassian Suite
Scrum framework

Our challenge

How do you ensure a logical and easy user experience for the subscription?

The Bookchoice subscription model requires advanced user management; clients can sign up for, upgrade or terminate their subscription. In addition, there are various subscription models including free trials and automatic renewals.

Every month, a huge amount of data is sent to members' devices (e-books and audiobooks). The traffic on the website can be very high, especially during campaigns. This means that the platform must remain stable and reliable, even under high load.

The result

The international platform of Bookchoice serves many paying members and users with a trial subscription.

Bookchoice is available in Dutch, Spanish and English. The platform is scalable so that roll-out to new language areas can be done almost effortlessly.

Bookchoice enables hundreds of thousands of members worldwide to download their e-books and audiobooks monthly. The platform is suitable for handling campaigns that generate a lot of traffic, carried out by Bookchoice or with one of their many partners.

Our approach

Bookchoice is working with rb2 to grow from a start-up to a large international player in digital media. Owing to its innovative and scalable technology stack, the Bookchoice platform is prepared for realizing its dizzying ambition. Despite the fact that the platform uses many technical best practices, it is a unique, complex system, tailored to the needs of Bookchoice. Which is why we work closely together using the Scrum framework with which we can quickly deliver valuable features and adjust them when necessary.

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Of course we are working on this project with a suitable, extensive team, but if you want to know more details, you should contact:

Marco van den Bergh

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