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Complex issue?

These three members of the rb2 guidance team will support you


Complexity is our world

The issues that clients come to us with are often characterized by complexity. We recognize ourselves in the statement of scrum specialist Gunther Verheyen: "Complexity is our world. Simplicity is our path." The complexity of the issue needs to be peeled away and guided. To be able to make our clients' lives as easy as possible, we work with a guidance team. Our guidance team consists of three roles: a delivery manager, an agile analyst, and a technical architect. These roles are constantly involved and are present locally (i.e. in the Netherlands). Locally, you are given all the support you need to figure out 'how' (architecture, process) and 'what' (features, releases). The actual development work takes place offshore. This approach offers a unique combination of high quality at a competitive price.

Delivery manager: the day-to-day point of contact

Of the three team members, the delivery manager has the most contact with the customer. He or she maintains contact with the customer and our development team on a daily basis. The task of the delivery manager consists of continuously monitoring the optimal delivery of software by the development team. He ensures smooth cooperation according to agile principles and the scrum methodology.  The delivery manager fulfills the role of the scrum master for the development team, and 'manages' the delivery of the software to the customer.

Agile analyst: keeps functionality on track

The agile analyst has regular contact with the product owner (PO) and other stakeholders of the customer. The analyst participates in the cadence of the sprints. Together, the PO and the development team ensure that the functionality is delivered as desired. The analyst delivers to the team the User Stories with the right specifications (also known as Acceptance Criteria). Of course in a way that they are actually understood. The Analyst also helps the PO to look ahead. Both by putting the User Stories with the right priority on the Product Backlog and by finalizing the roadmap for the product.

Technical architect: guides the choice of technology

The third member of the guidance team at rb2 is the technical architect. He is usually in contact with a technical counterpart at the customer. The contact is less frequent than with the other two roles but no less important. He is responsible for the technical direction and quality of the solution.

Within that responsibility, the technical architect chooses the technologies used. This includes programming languages, components, and infrastructure. The customer is of course involved in the choices that have to be made, especially when it comes to the components and the infrastructure. As far as the components are concerned, the customer assesses whether they are of the right quality and whether the license is acceptable. The customer must also agree to the infrastructure used, for example, because it will be the environment where the (customer's)  data will be stored and/or processed.

Simplicity is our path

Complexity means different things to different clients, but through our guidance team we can deal with all kinds of complexity. We take work and headaches away from customers and ensure that the environment developed by us can be deployed as quickly as possible. We regularly hear that customers use the time saved to look at adjoining areas. The questions that arise can in turn contribute to the further improvement of the functioning of the environment. We are of course also happy to help with that improvement.

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