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Scrum and Kanban combined

An optimum work process for the team 


Scrum and Kanban in combination for Meetingselect

For our Agile work process, rb2 alternately uses Scrum and Kanban and sometimes we even combine the two to set up an optimum work process for the team. A good example of this is the Meetingselect process, in which we complement the Kanban method with a few Scrum events.

Meetingselect: the company and the process

Meetingselect is a self-booking tool, which is linked to a comprehensive meeting management system. This online booking tool contains over 50,000 meeting rooms worldwide. And when we say ‘meeting room’, this doesn’t necessarily mean a hotel or a conference centre: you can also have your meeting in a beautiful country house or museum. 

We have been working with Meetingselect since 2007 and it’s an ongoing process in which we are constantly working on adding new features and optimising the application. The development team is currently working on linking the application with major parties such as Holland Casino, the Dutch government and the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. But besides constantly refining the application, from time to time the process itself needs to be assessed from a bird's-eye view as well. The application has been around for quite a while, so it’s about time for an upgrade. Currently we are moving the entire application from the old server to Microsoft Azure (Cloud). The front end of the application has also been given a new look in recent years. In short, it is a metamorphosis from 'front' to 'back', which requires the correct Agile approach.


Choosing the Kanban way of working

A new project, and a new Agile choice: Scrum or Kanban? We always determine the correct choice on a project-by-project basis, but you usually only find the best way of working as you go along. At Meetingselect, for example, the Scrum method was applied first, but we soon noticed that this was not the best choice. Each day, many new innovative concepts were created, resulting in a continuous shift in priorities and needs, so we were looking for a work process that suited the team better. 

For that reason, we have introduced Meetingselect to Kanban. Kanban is a continuous process and works according to the 'pull' principle, in which our developers can 'pull' the work from the backlog themselves. Meetingselect's product owner ensures that the priorities in the Product Backlog are in the correct order. We have noticed that implementing Kanban has led to a better flow of work processes and has made the division between the developers easier. Looking back, the move to Kanban was definitely the right one. We do use some Scrum events within this method, such as: the Daily Scrum (stand up), Backlog Refinement Meetings and the Retrospective. This way we combine the best of both worlds.  

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