"As a Delivery Manager, I also regularly fly back and forth. My last trip was last month, when I visited our Chinese colleagues together with Mark."

Marco van den Bergh, Delivery Manager


Face-to-face meetings are the most fun

From the Netherlands to China and back


Travel report: a visit to our colleagues in China

The term "frequent flyer" is in our DNA. As a Delivery Manager at rb2, you regularly take a direct KLM flight to China to visit the other offices. In this blog, you can find out what we do in China and how regular trips strengthen our collaboration.

The Delivery Managers at rb2 board a plane to China a few times a year to visit our development offices. In about twelve hours, KLM takes us to the (usually) warm city of Xiamen - for China a relatively small city with a population of roughly 6 million. As a Delivery Manager, I regularly fly back and forth. My last trip was last month, when I visited our Chinese colleagues together with Mark.

We often fly back and forth:

  • to discuss current and new projects together with the development teams - on technology and especially on Agile processes;
  • to keep improving the cooperation and take new initiatives to further strengthen the team spirit;
  • simply because it's really nice and we like to welcome new faces.

During a trip, we don't have a fixed agenda - we usually fly from pillar to post. We attend retrospectives and knowledge-sharing sessions and give tips and feedback. During the retrospectives, we reflect on the functioning of the Scrum team and raise points for improvement. We discuss new initiatives with the local management, things that can run more smoothly and we tell them about great opportunities that await us. New potential clients, for example, as well as developments within existing projects.

Outside of office hours is when we switch off - or at least partly. We stop talking about story points and the Definition of Done and we grab a bite to eat with our Chinese colleagues, sing karaoke or go and do another fun activity. This time we went rafting the Chinese way, with a bamboo stick instead of a paddle. It was a fun way to get to know the teams in a completely different way.

These (bi)weekly trips out together are very intense but they always bring good results. A lot of knowledge is exchanged and everything runs even smoother after our visit. Although our online meetings work just fine, face-to-face meetings are always more fun. We usually plan the next visit before we fly back!

Due to our regular visits, among other things, we make offshore feel like onshore. If you'd like to know more about how we do it, take a look at our way of working, where we explain this step by step.

Do you want to know more about Marco?

As Delivery Manager, Marco jumps from project to project. He knows the ins and outs of Agile working and has applied this to projects such as Bexter, BookChoice and Didix.

Marco van den Bergh

Delivery Manager

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