Interaction for the best results


Interaction for the best results

At rb2, we see our core task as translating the client's general enquiries into specific issues and then designing appropriate solutions. Our working method is characterized by a continuous, close, and above all transparent contact with the customer.

It happens on a regular basis: a customer comes to us with a general request for help and indicates all the technology that could be used for this purpose. During the first meeting, this request appears primarily to be an intended final objective, for which the logical technological solution is not necessarily the best choice. For us as specialists, it is important to realize the client's goal by asking and answering the right questions. Before the start of a process, but certainly also during implementation.

No submarine

This type of process often follows a standard pattern: the client comes in, the agency helps him concretize his request, makes a proposal for a solution and delivers a project plan, and then gets to work. The delivery then follows at a later date, at which point the customer is allowed to receive the final product and put it into use. In doing so, the agency behaves like a kind of submarine: after establishing its objective and mission, it dives down, only reappearing on the surface when the mission is completed. Often based on the idea of avoiding risks, such as adjustments by the customer in the interim, or discussions about the costs.

At rb2 we explicitly do not operate as a submarine. We believe in the power of transparency. Especially in large projects, this has been proven to be a more effective strategy than staying under water for a long time. Continuous interaction is key.

Transparency mindset

To achieve this, we keep the customer continuously informed about progress, including any bumps and challenges. This not only creates an understanding on the part of the customer, who after all has detailed insight into where adjustments need to be made, but this transparency also increases confidence in and involvement in their own project.

At the same time, we are also accountable to the customer, for example in terms of the use of hours. But reporting tools and documents alone are not enough. Within the right transparency mindset, regular and honest contact with the customer is indispensable for trust. We, therefore, make regular appointments, seek ad hoc contact where necessary, and are available when the customer has a question.

Open kitchen

We like to compare our working method to that of an open kitchen in a good restaurant: visitors can follow what's going on and can ask the chef questions, as it were - but he also has the space to prepare dishes of his own signature in his own domain.

We also provide open lines of communication with all members of the project team, in addition to the project manager who is available to the customer as an overarching point of contact. All those team members also have a face for the client, no matter which of our global locations they work at: a photo and a short profile help to reduce the distance.

Partner relationship for the best result

And what if you, as a customer, simply have a project that you want us to carry out as a supplier? The answer is simple: we approach all our collaborations as partner relationships. Certainly, we can provide a service or a product at a customer's request, but in doing so we need the customer to be an active, committed discussion partner, just as much as the customer needs openness, clarity, and transparency from us. This is also what we aim for because this way of working always produces the best results.

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