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Adding subscription services to your business?

rb2 can help.


From transaction-driven to relationship-
driven business with subscription


Adding subscription services to your business? rb2 can help.

Subscription models are here to stay. There’s a good chance you use them in your everyday life. Businesses everywhere are seeing the benefit they can bring and that’s what rb2 helps to facilitate. We deliver subscription platforms that companies everywhere can rely on.

We believe subscriptions are a very viable business model for many organizations. You’ll be familiar with it, most likely, as a Netflix, Prime, or Office 365 account holder yourself. But it goes further than the consumer space and more and more B2B subscription services are becoming available. Let us show you how we deliver them.

How we do what we do

We’ve been around for more than 15 years now and with a team of more than 100 people – including analysts, consultants, and developers – there aren’t many software challenges we can’t take on. But, recently, we’ve decided to kick it up a notch with a greater focus on defining the ‘why’ of our customers' subscription vision. This is now something that we even do at a project level, and it really helps to streamline development and delivery.

We take this vision and package it in a way that helps our developers build solutions that really help businesses achieve their goals, without slowing down development or overloading our coders.

Subscription services are a more complex version of one-off online transactions. We love the complexity of subscription platform development because not only does it challenge us, it keeps us striving to find new and better ways to work with technology to deliver business benefits.

Most often, the systems we build need to replicate the customer experience that is available on all the other digital platforms a company has. All of this means we have to be technically on the ball and in tune with what you already deliver as well as what the end user needs.

Aligning with customer expectations

Subscriptions are a significant part of our business from a project and customer perspective. But a big part of our work is educating our customers on how to offer services via digital platforms.  

We take a guidance approach at the start of a new client relationship. We’ve seen in recent years that this is how businesses initially reach out to us – they want help in understanding subscription models and implementation. The difference between us and our clients is that we do this every day, they’re likely just getting started.

Pretty much all the people who work in a B2B environment are consumers of subscriptions themselves. Because of this, the expectations of B2B subscriptions tools are very high because they are treated so well by popular, high-profile brands – think Amazon, Netflix etc. Because of this there are certain performance requirements that customers demand. We know how to achieve them and make sure they are implemented correctly to meet the needs of the end user.

In the end, subscription platforms are all web apps. Web apps tend to include a UI that our clients need to point toward their customers and be easily engaged with – this is the common theme of our projects. Design, development, deployment, and maintenance of these systems is what gets us out of bed in the morning and ultimately, we deliver and we make sure it works. It might sound cliche – but it’s true. 

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