Local guidance, global development,

different times, same quality


Scalable applications

that make our customers happy


Infinite digital ambitions, technically realized; that is what rb2 stands for. rb2 creates working, scalable business applications that our clients love. We believe in hard work, delivering quality and doing what we promise. Our clients range from established corporates to start-ups.

We build business applications in all shapes and sizes for clients ranging from start-ups to established corporates, including Meetingselect, GoBear and BookChoice. Therefore we use innovative but proven technologies. Together with you, our architects and developers determine the technical direction that matches your ambition. This can be an open-source framework, enterprise software or complete customization. rb2 is a Microsoft Cloud Gold Partner and a Sitecore Implementation partner. Just to get your product on the market better, more robust or quicker.

3 locations, 90+ employees

always working on solutions for our customers

Spread across 3 locations in the Netherlands, China and Singapore, rb2’s 90+ employees work enthusiastically every day for and with our clients. In different time zones, but each with the same enthusiasm for building complex and beautiful products that make users happy.

We use Agile frameworks such as Scrum or Kanban to collaborate with the team (and more importantly, you). Not because it sounds hip, but because Agile brings enormous advantages for you: we are extremely flexible, emphasize quality and believe in complete transparency. This mindset and our years of experience enable us to create innovative business applications that fit seamlessly with your ambition and take your business to the next level. Besides working hard, we also find fun on the work floor very important. Cosy getaways are therefore an important aspect of the rb2 culture. And as we all know: happy people, make happy customers.


Visiting our Chinese colleagues

Regularly 6 time zones are crossed to meet each other face-to-face. Also then we work hard, but we also have a lot of fun: during lunch a game of table football is therefore a part of the regular ritual. And there are always a few colleagues who join in the evening for a dinner in a local restaurant, a game of pool (billiard) or a nightcap in a karaoke bar.